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One of T.H.E.M in NE MS
Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oy vay. Recall the plight of the Tireless Home Educating Martyr. She works so very hard. She makes her children work so very hard. Why, she laments, isn't everyone working as hard as we are? There oughta be a law!

Bless 'er heart, this one has a doctorate in education:
“It takes a lot of organization, and I’m not nearly as organized as I need to be,” Stephanie said. “But, I’m a stickler as far as schoolwork goes. I believe that, if your child is going to get an education, he is going to have to do the work.”

What bothers her is the lax interest the state takes in the jobs home educators are doing. Stephanie is fairly outspoken on the topic of state requirements, and how they aren’t up to par.

“I don’t have to turn in anything to the state that shows what I’m teaching my son,” Stephanie explained dishearteningly. “With the governor promoting this as Home Education Week, it really is a shame that there are no rules or guidelines, [dictating that] you go in … and they test to see if your child is learning what he/she should be learning.”

These people are going to be the death of independent home education in Mississippi. It isn't enough that grassroots advocates (like myself and others here) have to fight creeping legislation, track the actions of national homeschool "defense" organizations, and attempt to change misguided public opinion; We have to deal with those among us who are purposefully working against homeschool autonomy in an effort to bring us all up to their unquestionably superior standards.

Mississippi Home Education Week, my eye. This is equivalent to a practical joke on homeschoolers...and so few of us "get it". Thanks, MHEA.

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Posted by Natalie West at 10:26 AM